Infrastructure: Transport

Listing Selection Guide

A guide to outline the selection criteria used when listing transport structures.

This guide assesses structures associated with all forms of transport. The turnpike and canal systems revolutionised road and water travel, and arguably made the Industrial Revolution possible. Railways are a British invention and their early remains are of international significance. Cars democratised travel and so ubiquitous are they that the distinctive historic environment they have created is often taken for granted. Air travel created an exciting ‘brave new world’ spirit that is reflected in the modernist style of the first generation of air terminals.

Road surfaces, signs, street lamps, traffic control and bus shelters and the like are also covered in the Street Furniture selection guide. For docks, harbours, quays, ferry terminals, and ship-related matters see the Maritime and Naval Buildings selection guide, for railway works, industrial tramways, warehouses, and car-factories see Industrial Buildings, and for motels and road-houses see Commerce and Exchange Buildings.

This is one of a series of guides which set out some of our approaches to listing buildings. Covering twenty broad categories of building types, they including historical overviews and special considerations for listing, plus select bibliographies. They are primarily intended to develop understanding of listed buildings and structures, and to offer insight into listing decision making.


  • Introduction
  • Historical summary
  • Select bibliography
  • Where to get advice

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