Prehistoric Henges and Circles

Introductions to Heritage Assets

An introduction to prehistoric henges and circles.

Henges (or henge monuments) are enclosures where, unlike those with a defensive purpose, the ditch lies inside the bank.

Timber circles comprise one or more concentric rings of post‑holes marking where wooden posts once stood. Pit circles are similar in present‑day appearance but comprise rings of pits which can be shown by excavation never to have held posts, though they often contain other types of deposit. Stone circles are among the most familiar of prehistoric monuments but also among the least well understood.

Descriptions of henges and circles and their development along with a brief chronology are included.


  • Summary
  • Introduction
  • Description
  • Chronology
  • Development of asset type
  • Associations
  • Further reading
  • Where to get advice

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