Historic England publishes an extensive range of expert advice and guidance to help you care for and protect historic places.

Advice Finder

Technical Advice

Our technical guidance on looking after historic buildings and sites including climate change adaptation, retrofit and energy efficiency advice; plus briefing on recording, and information and project management.

Your Home

If your home is listed, in a conservation area, or simply an older building you can find lots of free, independent, practical advice here on maintaining, repairing and improving it.

  • Your Home's History

    Finding out about the history of a house - who lived in it and when it was built - can be a challenging but rewarding experience.

  • Owning an Older Home

    Find out what living in an older or listed building or in a conservation area means for owners.

  • Maintenance and Repairs

    See our advice on looking after an older home, including how to carry out a maintenance check and where to find professional help.

  • Energy Efficiency and Your Home

    Find out how to cut your fuel bills and carbon footprint in ways that are sympathetic to the historic character of your building.

  • Making Improvements

    Find out what permission you will need when making changes to older homes and see our advice on best practice.

Caring for Heritage

If you are involved in caring for a place of worship, such as a church or a synagogue, or you want to find out how to de-clutter your street, you'll find helpful advice here. 

  • Community Advice Hub

    Information for groups and communities to find out more about your historic place and look after heritage.

  • Places of Worship

    Find out how we can help you to look after your place of worship, from churches to mosques and synagogues to temples.

  • Caring for Rural Heritage

    Advice and funding for the care of heritage in rural settings as well as research and techniques for managing changes to rural heritage.

  • Cemeteries and Burial Grounds

    Guidance on the conservation of historic cemeteries and burial grounds and their monuments.

  • Heritage Crime

    Find out what Historic England is doing to tackle the problem of crime against historic places.